2019 Honda E Prototype – Geneva Motor Show * A&T Design

Visually, the concept clearly stands out from the crowd of electric vehicles as a blend of high-tech functionality and retro cues. The exterior lines are a nod to older Hondas, while the drawing of the optical blocks and the use of cameras instead of the exterior mirrors is a preview of future ones.
But it's the minimalist interior of the 2019 E Prototype that captures the eye the most, with its ultra-high-tech screens, five of them, positioned above a dashboard with wood inserts. Beneath that dashboard, the air vents are there to remind us of how the Japanese built their cars decades ago.
The screens that stretch from side to side fulfill various roles. The leftmost and rightmost ones act as exterior mirrors, showing images captured by the cameras. The one in front of the driver is the instrument cluster, and the other two are waypoints to the functions of the car and its infotainment system.
Powering the 2019 Honda E Prototype is an electric drivetrain comprising a battery and an electric motor. The battery is powerful enough to give it a range of 200 km (124 miles). Recharging the battery to 80 percent capacity takes 30 minutes when using a fast charging solution.
The first electric Honda based on this prototype will roll off assembly lines by the end of this year. (Source: Honda)
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