Ferrari 599 GTB

This quick overview on the Ferrari 599 GTB is our seventh video of a series of short films, looking at a variety of different cars, intending to explore what owners have done with their vehicles and why they own them. The incredible sounding Super Grand Tourer was produced by Ferrari as the companies Flagship front engined, two-seater car, replacing the 575 Maranello in 2006. With the Enzo derived V12, it underwent many revisions until it was replaced in only 2013, by the F12 Berlinetta. Big thanks to Dominic and everyone who's been on the channel so far. Created with minimal kit, so please subscribe to see our videos develop, in quality and content. Music:
SAFAKASH – 'Success': Azen x BcRecords x Retnik x Chuki – "Nebula" found at: Cars overview


Author: fs